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For the Love of Flying  tells the story of Laurentian Air Services and its subsidiaries, Air Schefferville, Delay River Outfitters and more. Drawing on extensive research and interviews with Laurentian's owners, pilots and ground crew, author Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail explores this innovative company's colourful 60-year history from its founding in 1936 with biplanes through the 1990s when it operated twin-engine turboprops.
This book is filled with lively flying anecdotes from the cockpits of the world's most recognizable bushplanes, including the Beaver, Otter, Douglas DC-3 and Grumman Goose. From daring rescues and close calls, to the filming of Hollywood's Captains of the Clouds, to the perils of flying Canada's most eccentric millionaire, Laurentian's pilots did it all. Interlaced with these fascinating accounts are the stories of back-country air tourism, the mineral and hydro-power boom in Quebec and Newfoundland-Labrador, and commercial aviation in North America.
With an exciting collection of photographs - many of which have never been published before - For the Love of Flying is a long-overdue book that will appeal to all who enjoy the romance of flying on the frontier.
This book will delight any fan of our rich aviation heritage. Solidly researched, here is the story of bush flying in a nutshell - from biplanes to modern times. You'll especially enjoy the author's attention to the 'people side' of daily life at a small airline.
Larry Milberry,
Aviation author and member of Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame
ISBN - 10: 1896941575
ISBN - 13: 9781896941578